Welcome Back! 9 Tips to Generate Repeat Visitors to your Site

9 Tips to Generate Repeat Visitors to your Site


If you’re a business owner or look after the marketing for your company, you’ll already appreciate how important good website traffic is to your business. Some organisations devote a lot of resources to attracting new customers, but the real gold lies with Repeat Visitors.

New visitors are probably still researching and comparison shopping. Unless you are trading in very low-value products—people don’t usually buy first time. Make no mistake, that first visit is pivotal, and a well-structured website will hold their attention long enough for them to ‘mentally bookmark’ your site and it’s products or services (or you can go one better and provide a javascript button so they can bookmark your site with ease!).

Repeat visitors know what they want and are often purchase ready. A returning user is also more likely to share your product information, interact with your brand, provide reviews and recommend your site.

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So how do you generate repeat visitors and ultimately, valuable customers? In this article, we look at nine simple ways to improve your site’s ‘stickiness’ and make your visitors come back for more.

1. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

To reduce your bounce rate, make sure your site loads fast, uses simple, standard menu terms (e.g., Blog, About Us, etc.), is easy to use and looks professional. Visitors who reach your site via a search query (e.g., ‘web design Christchurch’), want to see a site that matches their search keywords, so they know it’s relevant to them. Your site shouldn’t be about how great you are—its purpose is to solve your customer’s problems or needs.

An often overlooked step in website design is user-testing. A bad UX experience can discourage user from re-visiting your site. So make sure site navigation is easy and intuitive, and product ordering is pitched at novice-level.

2. Reward Them

Generate more repeat customers by rewarding them for their loyalty, whether it’s a points scheme, discounts, free shipping, etc. First-time users who opt in for more information can be enticed back to your site through specials and exclusive offers. Create special events for them or hold invitation-only webinars.


3. Contact Options

Everyone communicates differently so make sure you provide options: phone, email and social media links. Live chat is the third most preferred communication option for users and it scores high satisfaction rates. It can be much better for your company profile when issues or disputes are resolved privately through live chat, rather than playing out publicly on social media.

4. Keep it Current

A website that isn’t updated frequently is a turn off for repeat visitors. Make sure your blog section has new posts. If you post infrequently, don’t display the date of your post—it’s a dead giveaway for out-of-date content.

5. Make it Social

Users don’t just browse; they want to connect, share, comment, and engage with other visitors. You can generate more leads by growing your website into a community where users can contribute. Allow people to comment on a forum and you can be sure they will return to your site to check for responses. Wish lists allows visitors to interact with your site and offer you a golden opportunity to ‘re-market’ to them when the product becomes available or on special. When adding social media links to your site, the Follow button is more powerful than the Share button for generating repeat visitors. A user may share your web page or product once, but a user who follows you will receive ongoing exposure to your business.


6. Opt-In

You can turn first-time visitors into repeat users through an opt-in approach. For e-commerce sites, you can incentivise users to create an account on your site so that you can provide a more personalised service. For small businesses, a free offer (an e-book or a discount voucher) in exchange for a user’s email address is a great way to build up your mailing list. From there, you can email newsletters and special offers to encourage repeat traffic.

Pop-ups can sometimes be distracting but a simple ‘Hello & Welcome’ light box for first-time visitors helps acknowledge them and provides an early opportunity for them to opt-in and provide you with contact information.


7. But Wait! There’s More!

Page elements such as Related Posts, Recently Viewed or Recommended Accessories are simple but effective devices for extending visitor browsing time and delivering a more personalised experience to the user.


8. Google Remarketing

When users visit your site but leave without making a purchase or leaving contact details, all is not lost. Google Remarketing is an AdWords tool that allows you to direct advertising to visitors of your site (or even specific sections of your site), while they browse elsewhere on the internet.

9. Two Audiences

Your site needs to cater to both new and returning visitors, two subtly different audiences.

New visitors may not know much about your product or even your industry, so options like a Start Here or a Most Popular section on your site can provide a useful entry point for them.

Return or repeat visitors are likely to be knowledgeable about your site, so you need to keep them engaged with fresh content. Be the first to post new information relevant to your industry and build this into your mailing list and social media campaigns, to encourage these users back to your site.

If you’d like to discuss how you can improve your site’s ‘stick’ability—get in touch with us here at Activate, we’re always happy to offer advice.


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